WorkSkills Recruitment Services

WorkSkills supplies recruitment services on a fee-for-service basis.

We specialise in recruitment for district managerial and supervisory positions. We do not supply Contract Labour or service non-managerial or non-supervisory positions.

The service 

  1. Position Description - review your Position Description, providing input regarding completeness, clarity and conformity.
  2. Advertising - placement of newspaper or Internet advertisements on behalf of employer. Advertising is at the cost of the employer. Schedule of advertising to be agreed in advance
  3. Application kits we distribute application kits by post, email, fax
  4. We save you time by processing email, telephone and direct inquiries according to your requirements
  5. Local focus we draw the attention of potential applicants in Portland and district to your position
  6. Australian Job Search we place position on the AJS, giving it Australia-wide exposure
  7. Process applications we receive, check and record all applications and contact details
  8. Short List we will short list, if that is your desire
  9. Reference checks - perform preliminary reference checks as required
  10. Interviews we schedule interviews and contact interviewees
  11. Interviews venue we can supply a central interview venue if required. We can also structure the interview and interview questions if required
  12. Unsuccessful applicants we advise non-short-listed applicants by mail or email at appropriate time
  13. Unsuccessful interviewees we advise of interview outcomes if required
  14. Tying up the loose ends we finalise process by securely disposing of all materials relating to employment process


The cost

The standard recruitment process outlined above is provided for $2500.00 including GST. Advertising costs are borne by the employer


Other services and costs

A WorkSkills representative can be supplied to add focus to your interview panel. Cost is $95.00 an hour including GST


Contact Portland WorkSkills  on 5523 1645 or email us by clicking here.