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Portland WorkSkills - Organisational Statement

Portland WorkSkills Incorporated is a not-for-profit organisation governed by a representative, community-based board of management. 

WorkSKills' reason-to-be is to provide high quality training, education and employment skills to the community, particularly disadvantaged or unemployed jobseekers, in order to assist them gain employment and improve their quality of life.

Portland WorkSkills as a Public Benevolent InstitutionA

As a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI), WorkSkills is committed to delivering training, education and community development initiatives that contribute to the relief of poverty, distress, disability, misfortune and helplessness. The organisation also maintains the Portland WorkSkills Training, Education and General Support Fund, which is aimed at supporting access for disadvantaged community members to our courses, programs or services.id learning education adult food handlers certificates aged care home and community care disability studies community services computer classes disabilities information technology access inclusive traineeships qn RTO t

Portland WorkSkills as an education and training provider

Portland WorkSkills adheres to the Skills First Quality Charter. RSA

Code of Practice - Training Services

At all times our priority is to achieve the best outcomes for our stakeholders and learners. We will deliver services to the best of our ability and with adherence to relevant legislation, contracted requirements and service/program guidelines.

 Portland WorkSkills will:

- comply with all relevant Australian laws, including privacy, anti-discrimination and Occupational Health & Safety

- act with honesty, due care and diligence

- behave ethically and professionally and be openly accountable for our actions

- treat all clients fairly and with respect

- consider clients’ individual needs and provide value for money

- ensure that the information we collect about clients is relevant and necessary and is kept confidentially

- make clients’ records available to them on request

- communicate accurate information about services we provide

- ensure that clients are aware of their rights and responsibilities

- provide feedback to clients about decisions that could affect them

- have an effective complaints process

- encourage feedback from clients with the aim of continuous improvement

Services provided to our community






Contact Details

        Portland WorkSkills

        Shop 14 Pioneer Plaza (PO Box 188)

        PORTLAND  VIC  3305

        Phone:    03 5523 1645

        Fax:       03 5521 7333

        Email:     admin@workskillsemployment.com.au




Portland WorkSkills occupies Shops 9, 12, 13, 14 and 15 Pioneer Plaza in the heart of Portland, close to substantial parking, Target, the Post Office and Portland's central business district. Shop 14 is the organisation's administrative centre.

Shop 14 Pioneer Plaza, Portland, Victoria, 3305. Phone: (03) 5523 1645


The Neighbourhood House Coordination Program operates from Pioneer Plaza and 36-38 Waratah Crescent in South Portland.

Contact Portland WorkSkills on (03) 5523 1645 or email us by clicking here.


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